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Anambas Resort
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Anambas Resort
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Snorkeling Anambas

With its azure blue waters, countless pristine white beaches and spectacular coral gardens, it's no surprise to find that the exotic paradise that is Anambas offers an abundance of snorkeling locations. Any of the islands covered here, such as Penjalin, Temawan or Ayam, will have you transfixed at the kaleidoscope of flora and fauna that inhabit their coral gardens.

Better still, most of the snorkeling sites here tend to have a water level of typically 2 m at their deepest, which makes them suitable for all kinds of snorkelers, young and old.

If you're keen to go snorkeling, make sure you bring your snorkel gear, because this isn't always available, particularly at the more remote spots. And always wear a life jacket - safety is paramount.

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Snorkeling in Anambas
Snorkeling in Anambas

Snorkeling in Anambas – Napoleon Fish
Snorkeling in Anambas – Napoleon Fish

Batu Puteh - ideal snorkeling site
Batu Puteh - ideal snorkeling site

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