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Tioman Ferry

If you've heard of the beautiful island of Tioman, the way it's was once declared a top 10 Most Beautiful Island in the world by TIME Magazine, and you've been wondering what it would be like to spend a few days there, then wonder no more.

Tioman Island, also known as Pulau Tioman, is a small paradise island located about 50 kilometers off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Tioman is part of the Seri Buat archipelago, a Malaysia-owned island group that also contains Rawa, Aur and Dayang. Typically, the Seri Buat islands are exotic, idyllic and blessed with so much natural wonder, they look like a glossy travel agent brochure that has come to life.

Sparkling gin-clear seas, long stretches of fine white sand that resembles powdered sugar and photogenic coconut trees galore. This is Tioman. Add to this, the many fascinating boulder clusters and you quickly realize how Tioman earned the title "Top 10 Most Beautiful Island in the world.

How to get to Tioman from Singapore?
Traveling to Tioman is quite easy. From Singapore and Kuala Lumpur, you can take either a taxi or a bus to Mersing, the location of the Tioman ferry terminal. A taxi ride takes about 5 hours, depending on traffic, whereas the bus or coach can take a little longer.

Incidentally, there's a night bus available from KL that departs about 11.00 pm and arrives in Mersing at about 4.30 am.

Once you're in Mersing, make your way to the ferry terminal and get your ferry tickets at one of the counters. If you want to be sure there are still seats on the ferry, then it's best to book your tickets online at Tioman Ferry. Tickets here are slightly higher than at the Mersing counters, but that's because the website has currency, bank and infrastructure costs to contend with.